Zero m2
I finished the shoot of my next short film a couple of months ago.
It tells the strange story of PAul, a young student struggling to find a flat in the city of Paris. When he finally finds a place and settles, something still feels very wrong. Either he's going mad or his flat is shrinking...

Here is the trailer !

Zero m2 Trailer from matlandour on Vimeo.

The short was produced with Paprika Films, directed by myself and co-written with Nicolas Bovorasmy. We shot it during 6 days, 5 days in a studio where we had to build an entire flat, a hallway, elevator, even a building front. Plus the last day was even crazier, shooting in Bastille in PAris, in a bar, a street and a container. Totally epic....!

We had the amazing opportunity to shoot in paris with a bunch of crazy talented actors like Anthony Sonigo, Silvie Lagune, Clemence Ansault, Rudy MAyoute, Majid Berhila, Julien Girbig, Adelne Moreau, Antoine Nembini, ....
The team was also incredibly taleneted and dedicated, I just can't wait to finish the edit and share it with everyone!

In the meantime, here are a bunch of stills from the shoot.